Death at Mungovia

Gbim! Gbim! Gbim! My heartbeat was too fast for my mind to keep track of. Beads of sweat crept out of my body like a cockroach, as the xenophobes were getting closer to our apartment. Tu! Tu! Foreigners were greeted by barrels of guns.
Gbum! Gbum! Gbum!
“Open the door and die peacefully, or stay inside and be offered as burnt offerings, ” the Locals ordered.
“Go I will distract them…”

I have been a long time admirer of Brennet_my coursemate, but I was shy, Brennet was a brunette with a round face and brown almond eyes, she was studious and bespectacled. While I was reading in the library someone nudged me, a glance and I saw Brennet.
“Hi! I am guessing you are Paul?” Brennet asked extending a handshake.
” Yes, I am,” I said.
“I was told you are into computer repairs. My laptop is faulty, can you be of help?” Brennet said.
” Sure, let me have look at it,” I said as I stretched my hand to collect the laptop.
She gave me a very light Samsung laptop, it looked really beautiful and expensive.
“It will take time, but I will able to fix it before the end of today,” I said.
” Okay, thank you. If I may ask how much is the bill?” Brennet asked.
“Don’t worry, it’s free, ” I replied.
” Thank you so much,” Brennet said.

I fixed the laptop and returned it to her the following day. I decided to break the ice_ we spoke at length that morning before I left.

I usually sent my parents money at the end of every month, I worked my ass off in Mungovia to make them comfortable. I had asked Brennet out earlier_she had agreed to go on a date with me. The Nigerians in Diaspora had a meeting the same day I had a date with Brennet. I weighed my options and quashed any thought of going to the meeting.

I came to the restaurant earlier than expected I wanted to be there before Brennet came. A few minutes later, Brennet came in. She was looking for me in the restaurant I waved in her direction. She was relieved as she saw me, she then came to the table.
“Wow! Brennet you look gorgeous, ” I said.
” Thank you, Paul, you don’t look bad yourself,” Brennet said.
We both ordered our meal.
My phone began ringing. It was Seyi, my roommate.
” Why will Seyi call me today of all days,” I thought to myself.
“Brennet excuse me let me take this call.”
” No problem, take your time,” Brennet said.

I answered the call.
“Hello! Seyi I told I am on a date why are you disturbing me?” I said.
” Bro, there is fire on the mountain,” Seyi said.
“Calm down. What seems to be the problem” I asked.
” Xenophobia. Mungovians attacked us at the Nigerians in diaspora meeting they killed more than half of us. The rest of us were lucky to escape. Come home now!”. Seyi said as he hurriedly ended the call.

I quickly called Thomas, my cousin, he was not picking my calls. I told Brennet everything she asked me to follow her to her house. She snuck into the house, and opened the garage door, and gave me the key to her father’s old Volkswagen.
” Be careful, as you go out. Don’t follow the shiri junction, because there is news of killings happening there,” Brennet said.
“Thank you, I don’t know what I would have done without you.”
“My Father is among them, if you don’t go now, you will have nothing to thank me for.”

I bade her farewell when I turned on the ignition, her father burst out of the house like a lion whose gaze caught a prey, he was with a kalshnikov_ my adrenalin swung into action, I sped off without giving him a chance to pull the trigger.

When I got to the apartment, Thomas was also there with Seyi. We were gathering our luggage when we heard shouts from outside.
“They are coming!”
Tu! Tu! Tu! Breaths were vanishing like frightened mosquitoes. Speeches were amputated before they were even uttered.
The voices grew louder, suddenly they began hitting our door.
“Come out!” They said.
“Go through the back door let me stay and buy you guys sometime, ” Thomas said.
“No way I can’t leave you here,” I said.
” If you don’t go we will all die anyway. Go!” Thomas said.

Thomas surged towards the door. Tears popped out of my eyes, as Thomas offered his life like a piece of meat to save us. I always called Thomas the selfish one, but here he was being my Messiah.

Seyi and I ran as fast as we could_we didn’t look back. We heard gunshots. From afar we saw our house burning_ my body was weak from running but fear made my spirit still push on. Death was calling me and I was surely not going to answer.

4 Replies to “Death at Mungovia”

  1. I’m just reading this piece, and I’m ashamed I’m just seeing it. bro, you’ve got the virtue I you, don’t let it die down. I love how every paragraph leads to the next. well done!


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