New Year: A Flipping of Calendar or A Flipping of Character?

Whenever we enter a new year, you would hear, ” new year, new life,” ” New me,” ” new beginning, ” I said that as well but deep down it was just a change of calendars. I was not enthusiastic about changing my life during the new year, what got me excited during the new year was food, we made different dishes at home for the new year celebration. I have seen people talk about their plans for the new year, but never did it occur to me to have an achievable one, like I said earlier it was just a change of calendars.

A new year always came with new resolutions, like reading 100 books, talking less, and saving up to a particular amount of money. The aforementioned examples are commendable, but the resolutions hang on the planning and execution. I had new resolutions for most years, apart from last year I didn’t bother even drafting one, like I said earlier the resolutions were commendable, but what made those resolutions not come to fruition was faulty planning— the first thing I got wrong was I seldom wrote down my resolution, they were just thoughts that hung in my subconscious— I was banking on them to work without any conscious effort, I didn’t think of how it would work, I just hoped it would work, an example is typing a document for hours and not saving it, hoping the computer would save it for you, then due to a low battery, the computer shuts down. I think we both know you would have to type the document again. The other thing I got wrong was not nudging myself to achieve it, I would be ecstatic about my resolution in the first week of the new year after a while the enthusiasm fizzles out like gas from a soft drink.

This resolution stuff has now spilled over to other parts of my life, I rarely do what I set out my mind to do. Towards the end of last year I set my mind to write every day, but when I want to write my mind tells me, ” later! Just rest small, ” ” there is still time” the same thing with online courses I haven’t completed. Sometimes, when I set my mind to do these things I do them, but these examples are few compared to the times I don’t. Inconsistency and procrastination are two bottlenecks that are choking my progress, I know I will overcome them this year with a conscious plan. If there is anything I have learned from my flopped resolutions is that consistency goes hand in hand with resolutions.

I think there is this aching in me for newness, I don’t know what birthed it, oh! I think I know it was Kalahari review. Kalahari review is an online publication that I have been submitting my work to— I experienced rejections, those rejections punctured my enthusiasm for writing poems and stories, but I persisted— I got an E-mail on new year’s eve saying my poems were accepted I was in cloud nine because that was the best message I could receive in that state apart from credit alert. The acceptance of my poem made it clear I could do more and this has made me make a conscious effort to improve for this new year.

People often wonder why a new year is always celebrated when it is nothing but a flipping of the calendar, the reason is that people see a new year as a blank slate to start afresh—for instance, your laptop is bedeviled with faults and you decide to buy a new one, does it come with those same faults? We all know that the answer is no. Many people tend to observe their achievements, mistakes, and actions generally at the end of every year, and make plans to improve on them at the beginning of a new year. I believe change isn’t limited to a new year, but for some, it occurs normally during this time. A new year is a yardstick for measuring change and growth, five years ago I couldn’t write poems, but now I do — as years trickle down like tears from a toddler’s eyes, we should strive to make it count, unless a new year would nothing but a flipping of calendar.

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