The ATM Prophet

“My friend, is God not wonderful? He works in mysterious ways.”
The man directly behind me in the queue at the ATM said as he tapped me.
” Indeed, he is, ” I said.
” Do you know why I said so?” He said.
” No sir, but I have benefited of his wonder, ” I said.
” Can I tell you a story?”
” Yes, go ahead sir.”
I had nothing to lose after all the queue was long and I was bored to death.
” You see the man withdrawing now? He is withdrawing that money to save his father’s life, his father’s life hangs on that money, the man needs surgery, he had an accident recently. ”
” How do you know sir?”
” I am a prophet, my friend. I am also what people call a ‘ Clairvoyant’. ”

Shortly after the man finished withdrawing, the prophet called him.
” My son, come, Jesus has a message for you.”
” Who are you to call me your son? ”
” Peter, Jesus loves you. ”
When the man heard his name, his countenance changed. He looked baffled for a while then he was crestfallen.
” I know you are a prophet, only a prophet will know my name.”
“Very good, I see you have a discerning spirit. Your father will survive, God is in control.”
” Amen, sir. ”

I stood and gazed in awe at what took place before me.
The prophet left without withdrawing, it looked like he came to deliver the message.
Peter stood at a corner sobbing for some minutes, then he came to me.
” Please can you follow me? I want to track that prophet. I want him to pray for me, or don’t you need prayer as well?” Peter said.
” Hell yeah, I need prayer to save me from my broke life, ” I said.
We trailed the man to a junction opposite Access bank. He was there mumbling words under his breath.
” Sorry, sir please can you pray for us?” Peter said.
” Sure, you see that dusty path? That one that leads to the stream go there, gather a handful of sand and pray Psalm 23, slowly let go of the sand in your hands as you pray, when you are done, return here. One more thing, drop everything with me including your cash, Peter! You go first when you are done, this my friend here would do his. ”

Peter did his, it was my turn, my intuition told me it was a scam, but my heart told me otherwise. I handed over my bag containing my ATM card, phone, and some cash to the prophet while Peter watched on.
” Hmm, Baba! Your children need your help. Come to our aid lest their troubles smolder them.”
When I got halfway into the prayer, I turned back to see the prophet and Peter boarding a cab. They were smiling.
” My friend, Is God not wonderful? He works in mysterious ways, ” the prophet said.

Photo Credit: Micheal Malton,

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